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McLaren Formula 1 driver and former F1 World Champion Jenson Button might have been the victim of a bizarre, anesthetic gas attack when burglars robbed him, his wife, and friends while they were sleeping in a rented villa in Saint-Tropez, according to a BBC News report. Thankfully, none of them were harmed during the Aug. 3 theft in the popular French vacation spot. The thieves got away with quite a bit of loot, though.

"Two men broke into the property whilst they all slept and stole a number of items of jewelry including, most upsettingly, Jessica's engagement ring," a spokesperson for the driver said, according to the BBC News. "The police have indicated that this has become a growing problem in the region with perpetrators going so far as to gas their proposed victims through the air conditioning units before breaking in." The value of all the looted items was reportedly 300,000 pounds ($463,000 at current rates). Afterward, the spokesperson described Button and his wife as "unsurprisingly shaken."

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