Barrett-Jackson rolls into Reno on Velocity

  • 1962 Oldsmobile F-85 Cutlass Jetfire, Lot #305
  • First of all, the car’s engine is called a Jetfire, which is awesome. On top of that, the turbocharged F-85 Cutlass is exceedingly rare. Oldsmobile only sold 3,765 Jetfire-equipped F-85s in 1962 and 5,842 in 1963 before the 215-cubic-inch engine was shelved. Output was modest, at 215 horsepower, but the turbocharged mill made up for that with just over 300 pound-feet of torque. This example looks exceptionally clean, and the red-and-white color scheme is totally suited for this car’s engine’s cool name. This car is being sold with no reserve as part of Friday’s festivities.

  • Image Credit: Barrett-Jackson
  • 1953 Packard Clipper, Lot #435
  • We’re love all things Packard, so this gorgeous purple-and-white Clipper totally deserved a mention here. This California car has only had two owners in its 60-plus-year history and was repainted just over 10 years ago. The 450-cubic-inch flat-eight engine was installed in 1986 and has covered less than 8,000 miles since it was fitted. As is the trend, this car is being sold without reserve on Friday.

  • Image Credit: Barrett-Jackson
  • 1972 International Scout II, Lot #342
  • We’re suckers for any International Scout, and that’s doubly true for this customized example of the rugged SUV. It’s been totally restored inside and out, featuring gorgeous blue paint and a 70s-tastic tan-and-blue interior color scheme. It rides on a custom leaf-spring suspension and adjustable Rancho shocks, and features a rebuilt 345-cubic-inch V8. According to the BJ website, it will happily trundle about at 70 miles per hour and the Vintage Air HVAC system will blow cold air all day long, meaning this off-road stunner would be just at home on paved roads. This car is being sold with no reserve and will cross the block on Friday.

  • Image Credit: Barrett-Jackson
  • 1931 Ford Model A Roadster, Lot #410
  • Ford Model As are not inherently rare – the Blue Oval sold nearly five million of the darn things. What is rare, particularly for an auction like Barrett-Jackson, is to see one that’s been unmolested by the hot-rodder community. See, the A is a remarkably popular customization platform, and while we respect everything this great community has done, it’s nice to see a vintage Ford the way it rolled out of the factory. The black exterior, tobacco interior, and green wheels of this numbers-matching example look outstanding and well worth a bid. Also, rumble seat. This handsome Model A is being sold with no reserve on Friday.

  • Image Credit: Barrett-Jackson
  • 1969 Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds, Lot #619
  • Look at those hood scoops! In terms of crazy, wild, 1960s automotive design, few muscle cars match the excess of the Hurst/Olds, an iconic collaboration between the parts supplier and the automaker. This example is number 211 of 914 built for 1969 and is fully restored. It is not, however, all original. The 455-cubic-inch V8 is not an original item, although the 400 Turbo Hydratmatic is a numbers-matching piece. Expect 390 horsepower and a face that only a mother (or a muscle car enthusiast) can love. This car is yet another no-reserve offering and will cross the block on Saturday.

  • Image Credit: Barrett-Jackson
The Barrett-Jackson circus is preparing to roll into its next location. The Biggest Little City In The World, Reno, NV, will play host to the two-day auction, which starts today and runs through tomorrow.

While there's a lot of stuff going on whenever Barrett-Jackson is in town, it's the auction that we really care about. With hundreds of modern, classic, vintage, and high-performance cars and trucks crossing the auction block, checking out the TV coverage is never a bad way to waste an afternoon.

For this year's event, Velocity and Discovery Channel will be picking up the baton, with the former covering the entire first day of the auction, starting at 4:00 PM Eastern today and ending at 9:00 PM tonight. Discovery takes over tomorrow's coverage, picking up the start of day two at 3:00 PM and running until 5:00 PM, before switching back to Velocity from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM for the rest of the auction and the Best of Show awards. You can check out the full schedule on the BJ website for local times.

While everyone is sure to have their favorites at this year's event, we've cherry picked a few of the more unique lots set to cross the stage over the next couple of days. Check out the gallery up top for our favorites, and then head over to the Barrett-Jackson Reno page for the complete docket. You can also watch the livestream of the auction here.

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