US collectors lift Nissan GT-R Skyline values

Collector cars are seen as such a safe place to "put" money that mainstream financial outlets regularly run stories on best practices. Air-cooled Porsche prices are so high you need a SpaceX rocket to explore their upper limits, and Ferrari is in the unheard of position of trying to convince investors to throw money at its IPO instead of its early cars. Classic and Performance Car reports that the R32 Nissan GT-R is getting caught up in the riptide, with values for 25-year-old examples out of Japan having doubled in the last ten months.

The cause leads to the United States, because collectors here can finally import the second-generation GT-R legally now that 25 years has elapsed. As a classic car rep says in the CPC article, though, the trend only applies to "really clean examples," ones with low miles. Road & Track spoke to a couple of companies importing them into States now, and they report that prices have tripled in some cases, and special editions like the R32 GT-R Nismo have gone beyond that.

If you're not looking for unicorns or Newfoundland Ponies, however, the folks in the business say you can find a reasonably priced examples. Because they were performance cars popular with the modding crowd, akin to our last-gen Toyota Supra and Mazda RX-7, there's a wide range of wear and tear. The inventory list for importer Montu Motors shows a couple of unsold GT-Rs for mid-twenties money. Chris Bishop at Japanese Classics thinks the present spike is down to early adopters; once they skim the cream and more model years can be imported, "prices will level off, and then go down."

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Nissan GT-R

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