McLaren 570S GT and Spider on the way

McLaren confirmed to Autoblog on July 26 that it would launch a convertible version of the 570S in 2016. With it known that another bodystyle for the range is coming in 2017, one that McLaren wouldn't divulge, the question is: What we can expect in two years? Autocar reports that it will be a GT.

We go back to the realm of rumor when it comes to how the transformation will be carried out. Autocar says it will be "an all-new bodystyle" that will offer more storage with "minor styling changes." If that's the case, it would quash the past year of rumblings that seemed to sketch out a shooting brake. A GT bodystyle has been scuttlebutt ever since last year, when the 570S was still called the P13, speculation at that time being that it would have "an unconventional trunk" behind the passenger compartment. Car and Driver gossip that came from a McLaren source, said the final car "looks more like an E-type than the Jaguar F-type does," with new cooling measures and a concave rear window. Another report earlier this year said that the luggage area can be accessed from the side. None of those rumors are compatible with "minor styling changes," so we'll find out which ones are true.

Back to Autocar, the mag says the GT has "long-distance touring in mind," so the interior gets gussied up, too. Power will come from the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 that's done sterling work in the rest of the range, the 562 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque not expected to budge. If differentials are comparable to the 650S range, the 570S Spider will weigh about 90 pounds more and cost about $15,000 more in the US than the coupe. Performance should be comparable with its hardtop brother. Now the question is: what's the rumored fourth bodystyle for the 570S?

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