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One Russian crewman is dead and another is injured after their Mi-28 Havoc attack helicopter crashed while participating in an air show, about 100 miles southeast of Moscow.

The Mi-28, part of Russia's Golden Eagles flight team, performing maneuvers and aerobatics as part of the Aviamix air show at the Dubrovichi firing range, reports. Based on amateur footage of the crash obtained Russia Today (available below), the Mi-28 was performing a maneuver with three other helos and was firing flares when it appeared to spin out of control. It almost looked like there was an issue with the tail rotor, which would explain why the chopper seemed to flatspin into the ground.

That might fit with a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense, which issued a statement to RT saying a "preliminary report of the hospitalized pilot of Mi-28N, when performing an aerobatic stunt, the emergency alert system of the helicopter reported the failure of the hydraulic boost system."

Following the crash, the Russian MoD has grounded its entire fleet of Mi-28 Havocs while officials conduct an investigation. We've attached video of the crash below, but be warned, some people may find it disturbing. Viewer discretion is definitely advised.

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