Any day of the year, you can pretty much guarantee there'll be at least two cars racing against each other. What catches our attention is when a car races against something else. Or in this case, when the race isn't taking place between two cars at all. In fact despite all the horsepower put down on the line, there's a total of only three wheels involved.

For this particular race, Drive teamed up with Jalopnik to pit two ride-on vehicles from Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) against each other in a race around Manhattan. On a 255-horsepower Sea-Doo GTX is Drive host and former Jalopnik editor-on-chief Mike Spinelli, who takes to the waterways around the New York island. Taking the fight to the street is Jalopnik's Andrew Collins, riding on a 115-horsepower Can-Am Spyder F3-S.

The battle might seem like a no-brainer on paper, but on the road and in the water, it's anything but. Sure, the trike has less than half the power of the personal watercraft, but when it comes to traction, it takes less to put that power down onto tarmac than it does to jet it into the water. On the other hand, Spinelli's got less traffic to deal with than Collins does. Too close to call, then, so you'll just have to watch the video from the Sea-Doo's perspective above and from the Can-Am's below.

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