Autoblog Minute: FCA unveils 4x4 all-weather drive cell

4x4 Dyno Allows For Year-Round Extreme Weather Testing

It's winter time any time at the FCA Tech Center as FCA unveils an all-weather 4x4 drive cell. Autoblog's Mylencia Gillenwaters and Eddie Sabatini report on this edition of Autoblog Minute.
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[00:00:00] It's winter time any time at the Chrysler Technical Center as FCA unveils a new all-weather 4x4 test site. I'm Mylencia Gillenwaters and this is your Autoblog Minute.

FCA calls it their first 4x4 in drive dyno cell, with rain and snow testing capabilities. We sent Autoblog's Eddie Sabatini to Auburn Hills for a closer look at the $2.5-million investment:


This 4x4 dyno adds to the FCA's already impressive 5.4-million square-foot research and development center. The Tech Center features some 14,000 employees, an aerodynamic test facility, and

[00:01:00] hundreds of test sites that run 24/7. Truly making it an auto engineer's dream. For Autoblog, I'm Mylencia Gillenwaters.

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