British woman caught watching TV, drinking tea while driving

A man in England realized the driver ahead of him had her eyes on two windshield-mounted screens instead of on the road. Shocked, he pulled out his phone and filmed a confrontation with her while in traffic.

Luke Page made the video while stuck in traffic on the A127 near Essex, England, when he realized the woman in front of him in a lime green Ford was watching a windshield-mounted television while driving. Her cellphone was also mounted alongside the TV and in her hands was a cup of tea, according to The Mirror. Page couldn't quite believe his own eyes, so when traffic came to a stand still he approached her vehicle to talk to the extremely distracted driver. When he arrived, the BBC competitive cooking show Masterchef was playing.

When confronted she denied watching television while driving and immediately rolled up her window. Page let her know what she's doing was illegal and that he'd be uploading the video to Facebook. He made good on his promise. The video has been viewed almost 100,000 times on various social networks. Critics point out that Page was also using a piece of technology while driving to video tape the woman. He admits to distracted driving, but points out her problem is chronic.

"I'm pretty much in standing traffic. Her TV will still be on when she's doing 70 mph," he wrote in a Facebook comment, according to The Mirror. This is pretty egregious distracted driving, but any distraction can have deadly consequences. In the United Kingdom at least 20 percent of drivers admit to using their cellphones while driving, according to Center for Disease Control research.

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