Autoblog Minute: FCA issues Uconnect software update amid hacking fears

Uconnect Update For 1.4 Million Vehicles Fixes Software Vulnerabilities

Carjacking has gone wireless, as automakers and Congress scramble for a solution after a disturbing video on Wired showed a pair of researchers controlling a Jeep Cherokee remotely. Autoblog's Adam Morath and David Gluckman report on this edition of Autoblog Minute.
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[00:00:00] Carjacking has gone wireless, as automakers and Congress scramble for a solution. I'm Adam Morath and this is your Autoblog Minute. Cars with wireless connections are susceptible to remote hacking, as demonstrated in a disturbing video on The segment showed two researchers remotely controlling a Jeep Cherokee, including running vehicle's the wipers, turning up the music, and ultimately shutting down

[00:00:30] the Jeep while it was being driven on the highway by Wired senior writer Andy Greenberg.

Washington took note. A press release issued from the desks of senators Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal introduces legislation protecting drivers from auto security privacy risks. Fiat Chrysler, parent company of Jeep, has a solution for its customers. For more we go to Autoblog's David Gluckman.


Chrysler has worked with the Uconnect cellular provider Sprint to plug security holes on the carrier side. The vehicles themselves can't be updated wirelessly, so

[00:01:00] the remaining changes require physical access. For that, customers have three options: One, download the Uconnect software update to a USB stick and install. Two, wait for FCA to send a USB stick with the latest software that they can install, or third, visit a dealer. Owners should do what they're most comfortable with. I made a video that walks through the whole process from download to install and it took about a half hour.


David's full video tutorial of how to install the Uconnect fix can be seen on Autoblog.

[00:01:30] It remains to be seen how the rest of the auto industry will respond to these security risks. For Autoblog, I'm Adam Morath.
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