Dallas police officers, firefighters, and citizens came together to save a motorcyclist trapped under a car after a crash earlier this month. The collision occurred July 9, when the driver of a sedan made a right turn from the center lane, crossing in front of a woman riding a motorcycle in the right hand lane. Surveillance cameras caught the moment when she becomes pinned under the sedan.

Police and fire quickly arrived on the scene, along with witnesses to the crash, according to a news report from WFAA. Police initially tried to lift the car with a jack. It didn't work, and the situation was becoming dire as the woman was struggling to breath. Bystanders and first responders rushed in to help police as they lifted the car off the injured woman by hand. Dash cams on the officer's vehicles shows everyone pitching in to lift the car. Incredibly, the motorcycle rider suffered no major injuries, due in part because she had been wearing a helmet.

Motorcyclists have it tough on the roads. Because they're not as visible, and not as protected, another driver's lapse in judgement can mean serious consequences, even at low speed. The National Highway Traffic Safety Institute estimates that, on a per-mile-traveled basis in 2013, the number of deaths on motorcycles was over 26 times the number in cars.

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