Have you heard of the Tartan Prancer? If you've been keeping up with the Vacation movie reboot, you have. The original flick from 1983 introduced us to the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, a George Barris-designed send-up of American motoring that almost immediately became a legend.

For the Vacation reboot, the Prancer is the new Truckster, and it looks like underneath all that awfully wavy bodywork there was once a Toyota Previa minivan. Whereas the Truckster's unique feature set was mainly wood paneling and way too many headlights, the Prancer loads up on the kinds of features the 21st century buyer has to have, like a martini glass holder outside the vehicle, a gas tank, a diesel tank, and a plug to charge something, and four side mirrors. Inside, there's a drinking fountain.

The video above is the Albanian spoof ad for the Prancer. It's in Albanian, but you don't need to speak that glorious language to understand the ad. It's a lot funnier than the actual movie clip showcasing the Prancer, which you'll find in the video directly below. The second video below is Edmunds' Carlos Lago doing a thorough comparo with the Tartan, the so-called "Honda of Albania," on one side and a real Honda Odyssey on the other. The movie comes out July 29 in the US.

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