Autoblog Minute: Julie Hamp resigns from Toyota

Toyota's Top Female Executive Out Amid Drug Allegations

Embattled former Toyota executive Julie Hamp was released from police custody in Japan following her June drug arrest. Autoblog's Mylencia Gillenwaters reports.
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Former Toyota Executive Julie Hamp has been released from police custody in Japan. I'm Mylencia Gillenwaters, and this is your Autoblog Minute. The Japan News reports that Tokyo prosecutors have released former Toyota executive Julie Hamp from custody. Hamp resigned from her job as chief communications officer in the wake of her arrest last month. She was accused of illegally importing the painkiller Oxycodone, into Japan. A small package was intercepted by Japanese customs agents. The package was addressed to Hamp and labelled "necklaces." 57 oxycodone pills were found mixed in with some jewelry. But three weeks after Hamp's arrest, prosecutors have decided not to file charges. The report from the Japan News cites police, saying, a family member mailed the Oxycodone pills to Hamp to alleviate her knee pain, but with little criminal intent found in the case, she will not be charged. The latest Japanese police could have held Hamp without filing criminal charges, was July 8th. But for now, it seems as though Ms. Hamp is in the clear. If there are any further developments we will be sure to pass them along. For Autoblog, I'm Mylencia Gillenwaters.

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