Porsche bringing electric Pajun concept to Frankfurt?

France's L'Automobile magazine reports that a precursor to the long-rumored and much-discussed Porsche Pajun will come to the Frankfurt Motor Show. The reveal is being characterized as a "'connected' study that could well turn into a series model."

Just seeing something at all, however, would be a major step. Pajun palaver has been splattered all over the Internet for more than three years, since back when it was going to come with a V6 to be an ICE challenger to the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, and Mercedes E-Class. The intervening years have turned the rumormill up to Level: Sasquatch, and still we had no idea when we'd ever see a car that, at one time, was headed for showrooms next year.

Then we got a bunch of reports at the end of last year about a swoopy electric sedan, accompanied by patent filings for novel electric and hydrogen fuel cell powerplants. This year, Porsche has been making noise in the US and Europe about EV and connected-car initiatives, and reports blossomed with giggly details concerning the Pajun, like a 300-mile range, potentially 600 horsepower, two electric motors, four-wheel steering, and a topological battery layout with "108 separate battery pouches." A more recent report posits a Tesla Model S-fighting 420 horsepower and a 265-mile range. So we hope L'Automobile is correct, because we can't wait to see the proper, sheetmetal inspiration for whatever the Pajun will be.

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