Chris Harris gets his mitts on McLaren 675LT at Silverstone

When McLaren came out with the 650S, it boasted that it was already more powerful not only than the Ferrari 458 Italia, but more potent than the 458 Speciale as well. You'd think that would have meant that Woking's work was done, but the British racing team turned supercar manufacturer has never been one to leave well enough alone – especially now that Maranello has followed Woking's lead with the twin-turbo V8-powered 488 GTB. Hence the 675LT, which Chris Harris drives in his latest video.

Based on the same Super Series underpinnings as the 650S, the 675LT is not so much an exercise in "less is more," but rather "less and more." It's got less weight and less electronic intervention, but more power, more downforce, and more grip. It's also more exclusive, with only 500 to be built and every last one of them already spoken for as production gets under way.

Letting the auto scribe and video host known as Monkey get his hands all over it and slide it all over Silverstone, then, doesn't so much represent a chance for McLaren to boost sales, but to show off what it can do. And for us, in turn, to enjoy the visual benefits of those efforts. (The biggest geeks among us will want to watch till the very end of the nine-minute clip for an up-close look at the specific components McLaren has developed for the Longtail model.) So settle down, turn up the volume, and click Play to see what Harris has to say about Woking's latest.

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