With around 30 examples believed to be in the US, the Nissan Bluebird coupe is a very rare bird. Rather than keep it in a cage, owner Troy Ermish is happy to dump the clutch for a smoky burnout in the latest video from Petrolicious. This is definitely a man who's not letting a thing like the vehicle's scarcity affect his enjoyment.

Ermish is an expert on the Bluebird and its North American cousin, the Datsun 510. He started out racing them, then began dealing in parts, and now specializes in restoring them, particularly for motorsports. Ermish has owned a whopping 230 of them over the years – so many that he's stopped counting.

The opening that replaces one headlight is the first hint that Ermish's personal Bluebird is far from stock. Under the hood, the 1.6-liter engine remains, but it wears an aftermarket head and a set of massive carbs. The combo allows the little engine to howl as he brings the revs up. The interior is largely stripped out and replaced by two racing seats, a huge tach, and exposed wiring.

Ermish's shop is like a 510 graveyard on the outside. However, it's closer to a museum dedicated to Datsun on the inside. There are beautiful examples packed in wherever you look, and all of them appear ready to take to the track at any moment.

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