It's got to be tough for a retired racing driver. You spend your whole life training to go faster and faster, then your career is done and you have to keep within the confines of the same speed limits as everyone else. That is, at least, the challenge to which Jean Alesi has apparently struggled to rise up.

The former F1 driver was reportedly caught driving more than 35 miles per hour above the speed limit in Germany. Which is a funny place to get busted for speeding, considering that some of its highways don't have speed limits altogether – but that evidently wasn't one of the sections on which Alesi was busted. He was reportedly on his way from Avignon, France, to the Nürburgring to watch his son Giuliano undergo a test session for Formula Renault when he was pulled over by police. He was handed a fine in excess of $1,000, talked racing with the officers, and then went on his way. But that may not be the end of the matter as the infraction may result in Alesi being banned from driving on German roads for two months.

Jean Alesi, for those who aren't familiar, was a regular fixture on the Formula One grid from 1989 through 2001, driving for the likes of Tyrrell (precursor to the team now owned by Mercedes), Ferrari, Benetton (Renault), and Sauber (among others). Alesi won only s solitary F1 race – the 1995 Canadian Grand Prix – but went on to show strongly in various other racing series. He subsequently fronted the Speedcar stock car racing series in the Middle East and has served as a brand ambassador for Lotus and Pirelli.

His son Giuliano Alesi currently sits fourth in the French Formula 4 championship, having dominated early in the season at the Circuit de Lédenon, winning from pole and setting the fastest lap in the process.

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