Supercharged Hemi trike roars into Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno has had a lot of cool creations on two wheels and four stop buy his garage. This particular vehicle, however, slips in between on its three wheels - however large they may be. And it could very well be the most outrageous, bonkers wheeled monstrosity ever featured on the video series. Which is saying quite a lot, as regular viewers will aptly point out.

What you see before you is called the Rocket II Trike, a machine we had the privilege to check out in person several years ago at the Grand National Roadster Show. It's the brainchild (if you could call it that) of Tim Cotterill - the same man behind those whimsical little frogs you see in so many giftware stores across the country. The thing was custom crafted to the artist's designs by the same people behind Jay's own Tank Car, built around a supercharged Hemi V8 driving over 1,000 horsepower to the rear tires through a three-speed automatic transmission. Like we said: bonkers.

The machine is so crazy, in fact, that Jay doesn't dare ride it himself. After getting the... shall we say, "enthusiastic" run-down on the custom creation, owner Cotterill straps a $20 helmet onto what Jay humorously describes as a 10-cent head and takes it out for a spin himself in front of the cameras. Which was probably the smarter call on Jay's part. We're not sure we'd be suicidal enough to ride it either, but we're glad to check it out in the nine-minute video clip.

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