Despite rumors, Tesla will not be producing a "Model M" electric motorcycle. After a rendering of a Tesla motorcycle concept by a designer named Jans Slapins began circulating online, some folks mistakenly thought it was something Tesla intends to build. Slapins, though, has no relationship with Tesla, nor has he claimed to. As cool as it could be, Tesla hasn't stated an interest in producing an electric two-wheeler, and, as Green Car Reports explains, Tesla's batteries don't lend themselves to the size and shape of a motorcycle the way, say, Zero's do. Read more at Green Car Reports.

Piaggio and KTM are partnering to develop an affordable electric commuter vehicle. The EU is funding the project in the hopes that commuters would choose such a vehicle over polluting, traditionally powered vehicles for their daily drives. The initial plan is to create two four-wheeled tilting vehicles for demonstration purposes. The two manufacturers will also receive support from Bosch and several universities. Read more at Visor Down.

Total has opened a hydrogen filling station in Munich, Germany with both standard compressed and BMW cryo-compressed hydrogen (CCH2) technology. CCH2 involves storing the fuel on board at low temperatures and just 350 bar pressure. It allows for up to 50 percent more storage than standard 700 bar systems (and, subsequently, a greater driving range). Having CCH2 hydrogen available at a public station allows BMW to further its fuel cell research and development with real-world testing. Read more at Green Car Congress.

IKEA will install free EV charging stations at all of its Canadian stores. Each of the 12 stores will offer, initially, two 60-amp chargers available on a first-come-first-served basis. Sun Country Highway will install the chargers by the end of this summer (that's right, you don't have to assemble them yourself). IKEA sees itself as a prime location for EV charging as most of its stores are located near major highways. All of Canada's IKEA stores get their energy from renewable sources. "Electric vehicle charging stations are an important step on IKEA Canada's continuing journey towards sustainability," says IKEA's sustainability manager, Brendan Seale. Read more from Sun Country Highway.

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