A Michigan woman received a new set of keys free and clear from a local dealership Tuesday after being severely injured in a wreck that totaled the family vehicle.

Savannah Peterson was still recovering from the July 7 accident that left two people dead. Peterson and her daughter spent a week in the hospital in Saginaw, MI after an SUV crossed the centerline and struck her car head on. While everyone survived in Peterson's vehicle, her car was beyond repair. The car was used by Peterson and her fiancee to get to work and transport her four children around town. She had no idea how it would be replaced. That's when a local dealership stepped up to help the family recover.

Garber Management Group, a car dealership with multiple Saginaw County locations, reached out to the Petersons after owner Dick Garber heard her story from a local police officer. He wanted to help. "We're really blessed as a company," Garber told MLive. "We've had so much support from the community. That has put us in the position to do more."

Peterson burst into tears when she saw the shiny 2012 Chevrolet Traverse, a $20,000 gift the family couldn't afford on their own. She told MLive her tears over the stress and pain from the accident have turned into tears of joy over Garber's generosity. She still has another six weeks of healing before she can drive, but the new car is a huge weight off her mind.

"I've been really down," she said. "I'm thinking I've lost everything and how am I going to bounce back? It's given me hope."

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