Indianapolis tells city workers not to charge EVs at home

BlueIndy Carsharing Fleet Also Causing Friction

  • Image Credit: Copyright 2014 Sebastian Blanco / AOL
There have been all sorts of problems with the electric vehicles in Indianapolis, IN. Whether it's the nascent carsharing service called BlueIndy or the for-city-workers-only plug-in Vision Fleet cars, something just isn't quite right, apparently. Here are two stories to show what we mean.

The current Vision Fleet is made up of about 200 plug-in vehicles (out of a planned 425 by early 2016) that city workers can use for their official business. Like other city vehicles, these can be driven home at the end of the day but – after five different employees had short circuits happen when the cars were plugged in at home – the city is now telling its workers that they should not charge up at home. The Vision Fleet is made up of vehicles like Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, and Fusion Energi and most employees don't have dedicated chargers at home. No fires have been reported. The city believed that Vision Fleet training was enough to let people know how to charge safely at home, but after the shorts, the rules have changed. Before workers can plug in at home in the future, electricians will need to inspect the outlets.

In other electric vehicle news out of Indianapolis, downtown businesses are angry at the BlueIndy carsharing service for dominating nearby parking spots. The main problem seems to be that the spots, which are near newly installed EV charging stations, were chosen without much input from local businesses. Some business owners think that the carshare cars will increase the number of customers who come in the door, but others predict their sales will drop now that the parking spots outside their doors are taken up by BlueIndy vehicles.

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