Peter Giacobbi grew up watching the likes of Juan Manuel Fangio and Phil Hill race cars like the Ferrari 250 TRs when he was a kid. Once he grew up – or at least grew older – he knew he had to have one to call his own. The trouble is that original Testa Rossas sell for tens of millions these days, and as accomplished as he may have been in his life and career, Giacobbi didn't have that kind of money to spend on a car. So he did the next best thing and built one of his own.

Fortunately Giacobbi had some experience building exotic sports cars. He formed half of the duo that created the Sinthesis 2000, a one-off concept that he and designer Tom Tjaarda unveiled at the 1970 Turin Motor Show. And that project ended up serving as his interview for the job of chief engineer for DeLorean. So when he set to building his own Testa Rossa, he knew how to go about it.

His recreation may not be 100 percent authentic, but then it's not entirely fake, either. The bodywork is genuine, as are many of the parts. The rest he faithfully reproduced or had made specially. The result, as you can see, is quite stunning – especially left bare in its hand-beaten aluminum form. Hear his story, see his project, and listen to that Colombo V12 engine sing in this latest video installment from the cinematographic artisans at Petrolicious.

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