With all its many twists and turns and narrow lanes, driving down Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Los Angeles demands your attention under the best of conditions. The driver caught on this video, however, is clearly not giving it his best.

The driver behind the wheel of this new Audi – an S5 or maybe even an RS5 coupe, if our eyes and the low resolution don't deceive us – opted to drive down the canyon road entirely in reverse, with a woman in the passenger seat. The incident was caught on video by one Kevin Zanazanian, another motorist following behind. (Or would that now be considered in front? We're all turned around here). Fortunately the driver appears to have taken things at a rather leisurely pace. Which is a good thing, or at least a mitigating factor. While cars are designed to be able to back up, unless you're a stunt driver on a closed set, they're not meant to do so at speed. But then they're not meant to be driven backwards for extended lengths of time or distance, either.

That's why local authorities are reportedly trying to track down the driver, who could have been held accountable for any number of infractions had he been caught in the act - including driving right through a red light, backwards, from the turning lane, across Hollywood Boulevard. With the video footage now in hand, the LAPD's West Traffic Bureau is reportedly working to determine who it belongs to, and who can be held liable for this stunt. With no injuries or damage reported, KTLA reports that the charges (however many of them) would not amount to more than misdemeanors.

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