Xcar takes us to Driftland, UK

Most drifting takes place either on circuits designed for other types of racing, or on makeshift tracks set up with orange pylons around unused parking lots. But not Driftland.

Billed as "the UK's only dedicated drift track," Driftland is located an hour outside of Glasgow, Scotland, just around the bay from Edinburgh, on the outskirts of Lochgelly in Fife. It's the kind of place where you might expect to find a whisky distillery (connoisseurs will note that Glenrothes is just up the road) or men in kilts tossing tree trunks end over end in competition for the Highland Games (if it weren't in the Lowlands). But instead it's where you can expect to find a variety of modified BMWs and Nissans sliding sideways all the livelong day.

Driftland forms part of the Lochgelly Motorsport Complex, alongside the Spedeworth Thunderdome - a short oval track designed for stock car racing. Local enthusiasts in Scotland started using the oval track as a playground for their drifting until it was sold to a new owner. But rather than let them continue shredding their tires around the oval, or kick them out to the parking lot again, the new owner built them a dedicated drifting circuit with ten different layouts. Take a video visit in this latest installment from Xcar and see if you can discern what these blokes are on about.

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