Hilarious fake PSA teaches proper motorcycle passenger etiquette

Riding on a motorcycle can be dangerous business, taking the back seat on one can be worse. Even if the ride goes smoothly, everyone around town sees you clutching to the back of a badass driver like a scared baby chimp on its proud momma's back.

Now not wanting to fall off the back of a bike doesn't make you weak, but it also doesn't impart the tough image that usually goes hand in hand with motorcycles. It is difficult to look hard while snuggled up to your riding buddy, arms encircling his waist and practically whispering in his ear. Luckily, video-maker Alex Vivian created this retro style public service announcement to help passengers who fear judgement find a comfortable way to ride.

The classic 1970s flare of the video makes this PSA as charming as it is informative. Our riders Jimmy and Jose walk us through the best ways to maintain your manhood while on the back seat.

The video promises that a passenger's confident use of these riding styles will surely attract the attention of attractive biking ladies. Just remember, chicks dig confidence, and guys who don't use the word "bitch."

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