Brock Lesnar does M. Bison impression on Cadillac CTS

There's no doubt that a huge amount of physicality is required to survive night after night in the ring as a professional wrestler. Conversely, the storylines that tie all the action together are as staged as any soap opera. However, there's nothing fake about watching two axes being embedded in a Cadillac CTS by WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar's prodigious brawn was really putting this luxury sedan out of its misery, though. With matte black stripes on the hood, fake fender vents, camouflage along the side, and a decal proclaiming "Redneck" on the windshield, this particular Cadillac was far from the standard of the world. In favor of the CTS' build quality, Lesnar's hatchets didn't immediately do quite as much damage as you might expect, and he had to take several swings to achieve the destruction here.

If you think that destroying a sedan one piece at a time sounds like something from a video game, you aren't alone. Someone else noticed a definite similarity to the bonus round from Street Fighter 2 where you get points for beating up a car at the dockside until it falls apart. Appropriate sound effects were even added, but having Lesnar throw a few pixelated fireballs would have been a nice inclusion, too.

For the significantly longer, original version, check out the one embedded below. After Lesnar crushes the CTS, the actual wrestling does eventually ensue. The Caddy even briefly acts as a prop for some of the action.

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Cadillac CTS

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