Perhaps we're just easily amused, but this new advertisement from Smart is hilarious, if only for its sheer chutzpah. It plays on the innate ability of small children to repeat just about everything they hear, both good and bad.

The 45-second spot was put together by BBDO Berlin for Smart, and emphasizes that tiny city cars, like the new ForFour, are a lot easier to deal with than hulking SUVs. And it does so in the most amusing way possible.

The first 30 seconds are mainly toddlers cursing like the proverbial sailor, dropping F-bombs and several less vulgar expressions. There's even a kid waving his tiny middle finger. Towards the end of the clip, the ad's point is made.

Check out the video up top, and do keep in mind, aside from a short stretch, the entire video is uncensored. If your workplace discourages foul language, you'll probably want to wait until you get home to watch this.

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