Lamborghini is preparing to launch what will not only be its first crossover (discounting the LM002 that was a proper truck), but also looks to be its first turbocharged model as well. But will the upcoming new Urus open the door for more artificially boosted Lambos in the future?

That was the question on our minds when Autoblog caught up with Stephan Winkelmann at the opening of the new Trigeneration Plant in Sant'Agata Bolognese. "Naturally aspirated engines are still the best engines which are on the market for super sports cars, in terms of acceleration, in terms of sound," said Lamborghini's chief executive during a roundtable discussion at the factory. "And unless there is [something] better, we are going to keep them."

"Naturally aspirated engines are still the best. Unless there is something better, we are going to keep them."

"We are constantly looking for alternatives. We are constantly seeing what we can do to make them better," said Winkelmann. "And there will maybe a day when we are introducing turbos, when the turbos are equalizing or being better than naturally aspirated engines." That moment just hasn't come yet, in Lamborghini's estimation. This in sharp contrast to rivals like Ferrari and McLaren (to say nothing of its sister company Porsche) which are wholeheartedly embracing turbocharged engines, as well as hybrid propulsion.

Any engine, turbocharged or otherwise, used to propel the Urus would not be so easily slotted into one of its mid-engined supercars, either. "Usually an SUV engine has a different stroke, so usually those engines have to be adapted if you want" to use them in mid-engined supercars, said Winkelmann. "Then they're at the front so you have to turn them, and if this is going to make sense, I don't know. At this time there are no plans to do that, but in general, these engines are not suitable" for models like the Huracán or Aventador. "There would be a day when we think that turbo can be better than naturally aspirated. And that day, we will step into it."

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