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Former Toyota exec Julie Hamp likely to be released, not charged

Julie Hamp, the former global chief communications officer at Toyota, is expected to be released from police custody in Japan on July 8, and she may not face any charges. In June, Hamp was accused of attempting to bring as many as 57 Oxycodone pills into the country through the mail illegally. Prior to the case, she was the automaker's highest-ranking female executive, but Hamp resigned from Toyota on July 1.

According to Reuters citing Japanese news reports, prosecutors believe that Hamp lacked criminal intent in attempting to obtain the addictive opioid, and they may not further pursue the case. A family member allegedly sent the pills for Hamp's knee pain in packages marked as jewelry. July 8 is the last day that authorities can keep her without a charge.

Following Hamp's arrest, Japanese authorities also searched Toyota's headquarters for additional evidence. She apparently had some support from within the automaker because company boss Akio Toyoda publicly advocated for her. Throughout the investigation, Hamp has reportedly maintained that she didn't know the drug was illegal in Japan. If tried and found guilty, Hamp could have faced years in prison.

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