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Camping high in the Rocky Mountains as spring gave way to summer may not seem like the obvious way to test out a work van, but that's how we sampled the 2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris. Our drive was based in Dunton Hot Springs and Cresto Ranch, CO, nestled high in the Rocky Mountains. Both were gorgeous and dripping with history.

Since their rough-hewn origins they've been converted into an upscale camping experience. We spent a couple nights in Cresto Ranch, an old cattle outpost near the Dolores River. Our 'tent' was lavishly furnished, complete with a shower, desk, and comfortable bed. Glamor camping is in vogue, and this was 'glamping' at its finest.

Most of the Mercedes activities started at Dunton Hot Springs, a former mining town with tents and log cabins remade into an even larger-scale glamping site than Cresto Ranch. The hot springs beckoned, but glampers could also enjoy massages or just soak in the soaring forests surrounding the site. The only downside: With an elevation around 8,700 feet above sea level, we found ourselves occasionally light-headed. It was a fun couple of days in the Rockies, on the road and at the campsite. Watch the video above for the complete experience, and read the review here.

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