Dale Earnhardt Jr. took the checkered flag early Monday morning in the Coke Zero 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Daytona International Speedway, but driver Austin Dillon might have been the luckiest one on the track. A split-second after Jr. crossed the finish line to win the event, chaos erupted behind him in an absolutely massive crash. Dillon was among the worst affected when his car was launched into the catch fence and ended up in a ball on the track. He walked away, though.

The chain reaction started when cars made contact just behind Earnhardt Jr., as the clump of racers were crossing the finish line. An already spinning Denny Hamlin then flipped Dillon into the air. The catch fence did its job, though, and Dillon's car wound up upside-down on the track. Safety crews had to help him to get out. However, Dillon walked away and even waved to the crowd.

According to Fox Sports, 13 fans that were near where Dillon hit the fence had to be examined by medical personnel. Only four them needed any treatment, and one had to go to a local hospital. That person was in stable condition, though. Dillon suffered bruises to his forearm and tailbone.

Despite no serious injuries, Dillon thinks there could be safety implications after his wreck. "I just think the next thing is that we are going to have to make this racing even more safe," Dillon said to Fox Sports. "We are running 200 mph and pushing each other around out there and it's just bound to happen. No matter how safe we can make the sport, when you are going that amount of speed, things happen."

The victory at Daytona pushes Earnhardt Jr. up to second place in the NASCAR driver standings. With 593 points, he's 63 points off leader Kevin Harvick. Although, with over a month to go before even the Chase for the Sprint Cup begins, a lot can still change. The video embedded at the top shows Dillon's crash from several angles, and the one below is the final lap in context.

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