You've probably heard stories of brand-new, sparsely populates cities in China. You may even have heard of the Kangbashi New Area in Ordos, one such city in Inner Mongolia, which was built to house as many as a million inhabitants but is occupied by less than 30,000. But did you know the Ordos area is home to a nearly new, underutilized race track?

The Ordos International Circuit, located about an hour by airplane from Beijing, consists of 2.33 miles of well-laid tarmac and is designed to look roughly like a horse. Fitting, considering its proximity to the birthplace of Genghis Khan. Local motorcyclists descend on the Ordos International Circuit three times a year to let out some on-track steam, which we imagine is due at least in part to the relatively little use the track sees in sanctioned competition.

The Genghis Khan Superbike Cup, as the group is known, looks like a pretty fun bunch. According to the video's YouTube description, this footage was shot as "a passion project." Sounds like fun; we hope you enjoy watching it.

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