Coda Automotive is not around any more. Who here remembers them? Despite the implosion, one thing the company left behind is a great slogan to promote electric cars. It's the kind of idea that still has a lot of relevance, especially today: End Dependence.

The gist, as you might be able to guess, is that too many people are dependent on oil and gas to really call themselves independent. Since we're a website focused on ways to minimize your individual oil and gas use when it comes to your car, we thought that July fourth, the day America celebrates its independence in all sorts of ways, would be a good time to revisit not only Coda's video but also to just bring up the idea of oil independence again. It's something that we've heard about many times over the years and the ways to make it a reality. A DOE scientist crunched the numbers in 2008, for example, and found that we could get our oil use down to a level where it is "not subject to restraining or directly influenced by others as consequence of the need for oil." Natural gas-supporter T. Boone Pickens gave us his vision of a world that had shifted away from oil and OPEC back in 2012. And, of course, many of our readers have gone gas-free or dramatically reduced their oil use by driving a car with a plug.

In the US, the automobile has – rightly or wrongly - long been associated with individual independence. How true this idea is is a discussion for another time (or the comments section, if you're so inclined), but for today we wanted to celebrate anyone and everyone who has gained a bit of independence from the pump. Please share your story and have a happy fourth – especially if you're driving a Coda!

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