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Submariners are, by their very nature, a secretive bunch. We suppose it comes with the territory, though. After all, you're traveling under water for weeks on end to who knows where, and you're doing so in a pressurized, nuclear-powered tube that's filled to the gills with classified technology.

Those facts, along with the relatively small percentage of submariners that make up today's Navy, mean we civilians can't learn too much about what goes on under the waves. Now, though, there's an excellent primer.

Foxtrot Alpha has the massive piece, written by an anonymous submarine veteran. It covers pretty much everything you might want to know, including the challenges of Nuke School, similarities to the Kelsey Grammer reel Down Periscope (seriously), to more serious matters about the needs of the modern sub force and a boat's integration with the larger carrier group.

It's a thorough, entertaining look at a secretive aspect of the military, and one we'd recommend you head over and take a look at.

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