Mercedes-AMG promises something fast is coming

"Something fast is coming." That's all that Mercedes-AMG is saying to accompany this latest teaser video. Don't get us wrong: we don't doubt the power-hungry nuts from Affalterbach for one second. They've got a pretty good track record of delivering the performance goods, after all. We just don't know what it is that they're on about is all. Not that something like that would stop us from hazarding an educated guess, though.

Crank up your speakers, play the 19-second video clip and you'll hear what sounds very much like a V8 winding up and down through its rev range. In fact it sounds a lot like the note coming out the back of the Mercedes-AMG GT, which emits a pretty raspy, burblesome noise despite the pair of turbochargers that would ordinarily muffle the song.

Couple that noise with flat handling around what looks like Hockenheim and our best guess is that we'll soon be treated to a more hardcore version of the AMG GT – something to slot in between the road-going GT S and the race-spec GT3 (which, it's worth noting, carried over the atmospheric engine from the previous SLS). We spotted such a beast undergoing testing at the Nürburgring just a few months ago, and have been anticipating its arrival ever since. The resulting track toy may not be called the Black Series, but we bet it'll be plenty wicked all the same - whatever it's called.

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