Petrolicious profiles one man and his duo of '64 Impalas

Restoring any vintage car is a labor of love. In the end, the investment of time and money is often more than the vehicle is realistically worth on the open market. Deciding to take all of that work on yourself doesn't make things any easier, but it can only increase your connection to the project. Don Rogers, the subject of the latest video from Petrolicious, shows this passion perfectly with his duo of 1964 Chevrolet Impalas – a hardtop and convertible.

Both of these Chevys had been sitting for years before Rogers got his talented hands on them, and he did all of the work himself. Now, driving the pair is therapy for him, and he's not worried about anything breaking because he knows he can put it back together. Rogers says he enjoys wrenching on his vehicles even more than going to shows.

Doing your own work comes with advantages, like tailoring a project's look to your preferences. It's not original, but Rogers used the crimson interior color from a '59 Impala on his convertible to make the interior pop with the top down. Rogers is undoubtedly a talented builder, and his work is worth checking out in the latest from Petrolicious.

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