Wirelessly charging RC car challenges Formula E

Just finishing its inaugural season, Formula E is already providing spectators with great racing from very talented competitors ( click here if you want to know who proved victorious in this first season). Future rules adjustments should allow the teams to really start pushing electric racing tech innovations further in the coming years, too. Of course, like many top forms of motorsport, marketing and advertising play huge roles in keeping the cars going around the track in Formula E. Major sponsor Qualcomm is hoping to connect the success of Lucas di Grassi and the company's own automotive products in a new video showing off an RC car taking on the real thing.

Qualcomm has a wirelessly charging RC car that looks just like a miniature version of Di Grassi's open-wheel racecar. After racing around for a little bit, the two of them even mange to do some concentric donuts. Naturally, the real Formula E looks a whole lot cooler creating a smokescreen from its spinning rear wheels, but we give Qualcomm full points for the effort.

Qualcomm calls its wireless charging tech Halo and is working to bring the system to the streets. To show things off, the BMW i8 safety car that Formula E employs can already charge without cords, and some racers in the series might be able to next season, too. The solution isn't expected to be production-ready for at least another three years. Qualcomm also has deals in place with Renault and Daimler to bring this and other innovations into the real world... eventually.

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