The most exciting news from the reveal of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia was undoubtedly the 510-hp Quadrifoglio model that will top the lineup. To play up the brand's Italian-ness, as well as the fabulous sound the twin-turbo engine makes, Alfa had opera singer Andrea Bocelli sing the car out onto the stage.

The event took place at Alfa Romeo's old headquarters in Arese just outside Milan. It's also the site of the brand's museum, which has been closed to the public for years and was recently expanded and redone. We got a quick preview ahead of the museum's official public reopening on June 30, 2015. Anyone traveling to the Milan area should definitely check it out, even if those who aren't die-hard Alfisti.

Before the Alfa event, I got to spend some time at Expo Milano 2015. Expos like it are held every five years now around the world and are the modern-day equivalent to a world's fair. The theme was "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" with the pavilions from various countries showcasing displays on food production, shortages, and future solutions.

When you're done watching our On Location video, stick around for an Alfa promo reel that teases the Giulia's insanely delicious noise.

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