A new process simplifies the recycling of rare earth metals. While the strong magnetic properties of metals like neodymium and dysprosium make them useful in electric vehicles traction motors, there are concerns about their availability and the environmental costs of mining them. Researchers at University of Pennsylvania have developed an easier method to recycle those metals that is less energy intensive and more cost effective. "We have designed a way to separate the two metals by selectively dissolving the neodymium in a solution and leaving behind the dysprosium as a solid," says Justin Bogart, a graduate student working on the project. "This quick and easy method has allowed us to separate equal mixtures of the metals into samples that are 95 percent pure." Now the team is working to improve that level of purity. Read more from University of Pennsylvania.

Nissan Leaf drivers in Europe have saved over 55,000 tons of CO2 emissions. Worldwide, the 178,074 Leafs sold account for the prevention of over 293,000 tons of CO2 emissions so far. That equates that to the neutralizing effect of 19 million trees. Besides the positive effects on environmental and noise pollution that switching to electric mobility provides, Nissan also points out that it's good business, too. EVs like the Nissan Leaf and e-NV200 cost about 40 percent less than combustion vehicles to maintain, and the cost of electricity is substantially lower than that of fossil fuels. Additionally, Nissan has published a video of the Leaf touring Bristol to celebrate the greening of European cities with the help of electric vehicles. See the video, and read more from Nissan.

Tesla customers have driven a cumulative 1 billion miles. Together, nearly 75,000 Model S drivers have prevented more than 570,000 tons of CO2 emissions worldwide. To put that in perspective, a billion miles is the equivalent of 4,186 trips to the moon, and almost 40,000 trips around the Earth. In the UK, where the Model S is celebrating its one-year anniversary, drivers have already accumulated 6.6 million miles. Tesla is celebrating its milestone with the Next Billion Miles Tour, hosting hands-on events and test drives in 80 cities across North America, Europe and Asia. See the video from Tesla above, visit the One Billion Miles microsite and read more in the press release below.
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Tesla owners drive the equivalent of 40,000 trips around the Earth, emission-free

Tesla, manufacturer of the award-winning Model S all-electric saloon, is today announcing its total vehicle fleet worldwide have driven over a billion miles. In just the three years since Model S hit the road, owners across the world have travelled the equivalent of over 4,000 trips to the moon, or almost 40,000 times around the Earth. By driving electric miles, Tesla owners have saved more than half a million tons of CO2.

This month, Model S celebrated its first anniversary in the UK. Despite their recent starting point, British Model S drivers have covered 6.6 million miles which is the equivalent of over 265 times around the world and over 27 trips to the moon.

A billion miles on a fleet of just under 75,000 Model S is a testament to the safety and durability of Model S and the ease of charging and driving electric vehicles. Tesla customers rely on Model S as their daily driver and for long distance road trips by charging at home or along Tesla's worldwide Supercharger network.

Since the launch of Model S in 2012, Tesla has created a charging network spanning North America, Europe and Asia that now consists of 445 Supercharger stations and thousands of Destination Charging locations, enabling fast and free long distance charging.

Most importantly, Model S owners can be confident that they are driving the safest car on the road thanks to Tesla's Autopilot capabilities, a low centre of gravity and a maximum possible 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating.

Tesla will kick off this fleet milestone with the launch of the Next Billion Miles Tour which will travel around North America, Europe and Asia offering customers the opportunity to experience the exhilarating performance and handling of Model S.

The Next Billion Miles Tour will visit a number of locations in the UK. To sign up for a test drive on the tour, visit http://www.teslamotors.com/en_GB/billionmiles

To see how our British Model S owners have contributed their part in the 1 billion miles milestone, read their stories here:

Owners Tony and Jenny regularly travel abroad with their Model S; "For every day and long distance driving and ownership experience, the Tesla takes first prize every time. We've driven it down to the French Alps three times, and toured Scotland, Wales and Cornwall."

Tom has made several trips to France in his Model S with his family; "We've now completed three trips to Europe in our Model S, totalling about 3,000 miles; we've driven to Cannes, Brussels and most recently Paris. The Model S is a brilliant touring car."

Brian Gilmore and his family rediscovered the road trip thanks to their Model S; "We drive it most days but it really comes into its own on long road trips."

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