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A man in Brazil who parked illegally in a handicap spot came out to find his car completely covered in sweet instant karma in the form of sticky notes. The video was uploaded on Wednesday by the YouTube user Brazilian Guy. It shows the clearly ticked-off owner stripping off blue and white sticky notes, designed to look like the international handicap sign, while a delighted crowd claps and jeers. He then drives off, hopefully a little wiser.

Obviously, there is something cathartic in watching a scofflaw publicly shamed, as the video has been viewed over 500,000 times in two days. We certainly enjoyed it. And there's plenty of videos out there where people stand up to people who abuse handicap parking. When the Detroit Free Press confronted parking wrong-doers in metro Detroit we cheered their efforts.

It's not wise to engage poor parkers, however. You're putting yourself at risk for an episode of road rage, like when this man was caught by the owner of an illegally parked Ferrari pretending to urinate on the sports car. Leaving a passive-aggressive note is also a bad idea, as it means possibly accusing a handicap person of abusing a right which is medically necessary for them. The best thing to do in this scenario is to contact local police or talk to the business where the car is parked.

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