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An F-16 fighter from the Arizona Air National Guard's 162nd Fighter Wing crashed late yesterday while conducting a night training exercise.

According to, which cited a statement from Air National Guard spokesperson 2nd Lieutenant Lacey Roberts, the fate of the pilot is unclear. The Cochise County sheriff, though, said it had "initial reports the pilot may have ejected, but that has not been confirmed."

A resident reported the crash, calling the sheriff's office claiming "there was an airplane on fire in her front yard." It doesn't sound like the crash was necessarily due to pilot error, so much as some kind of severe mechanical problem. is reporting that authorities from the federal, state, and local levels have cordoned off a two-square-mile area for the debris field, which sounds like something that would be done for an aircraft that broke up in flight, rather than one that simply crashed. That's only speculation, though.

For now, an investigative board and a hazardous materials team has descended on the scene. There were no injuries reported on the ground.

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