NASCAR pit stops are frantic affairs, with guys frantically running around the car trying to get it back on track. Formula 1 is like a choreographed family reunion, while Le Mans is just kind of relaxed. The juxtapositions are fascinating.

And it's that fact that makes this video worth watching. We get to see pit stops from F1, NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula E, and endurance racing presented in a single place. The video, which comes from YouTuber Rdwomack2, starts off by telling us how many pit crewmen are working on the vehicle and what they're doing, before presenting the actual pit stops.

After watching it, it's surprising to see how similar F1 is to IndyCar, and then to see how much more relaxed stops in the LMP1, LMP2 and GTE Pro series for the World Endurance Championship. What's your favorite comparison in this video? Have your say in Comments.

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