Artist bent out of shape over ticketed warped truck sculpture

If Germans and traffic cops have one thing in common, it's that they aren't necessarily known for their sense of humor. But at least one German parking enforcement officer had a laugh last week when they ticketed a sculpture of an impossible object. The infraction was for the 'Gross Violation of Physical Laws.'

At first, Austrian artist Erwin Wurm was incensed that his sculpture, "Truck", which includes a Mercedes transporter MB100D truck curving up the side of a building, received a parking ticket, according to The Local. Wurm's work often features autos bent and twisted into unexpected shapes. He took to Facebook to express concern that he or the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany, might be stuck with the 30-euro bill. However, the ticket was all in good fun. City officials and even the clerk's office were in on the joke. Karlsruhe mayor Frank Mentrup announced he would make sure the ticket was cleared, despite the illegal parking job.

"We think it's great if the fine men of this city think for themselves artistically," a spokeswoman for the arts center told CityLab. This isn't the first gravity-defying auto to be used in a work of art. In London, a town with notoriously tricky parking, Vauxhall suspended a full-scale Corsa hatchback from a strip of curved tarmac. It hung around for a few days in February. No word on how many tickets that instillation wracked up.

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