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In with a bang, out with a whimper? After more than a year of tussling back and forth about the legalities behind establishing a high-powered electric-vehicle charging network along UK motorways, California-based electric-vehicle maker Tesla Motors and UK green-energy distribution company Ecotricity have quietly settled their differences, Engadget says. So quiet, in fact, that we can't get the details.

Tesla, which continues to deploy its free-of-charge super-powerful Superchargers to Model S owners worldwide, confirmed that its legal battles with Ecotricity are over. "Ecotricity and Tesla have reached an out of court settlement, the terms of which are confidential," Tesla spokesman Ricardo Reyes wrote in a statement to AutoblogGreen on Friday afternoon. He declined to provide further detail.

Last year, Ecotricity started the battle, alleging that Tesla violated some non-disclosure agreements while attempting to cut out Ecotricity by trying to talk directly to some of the owners of the roadside stops where Ecotricity already had charging stations. Tesla countersued, claiming that Ecotricity was trying establish a monopoly of sorts while stopping Tesla from expanding its Supercharger network beyond its current count of about eight in the London area and another 15 or so throughout the rest of the UK. Fightin' words, then. But all is quiet for now.

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