WAVE 2015: From the middle of the mountains

Long Distance Days Are Behind Us, The Vertical Challenges Lie Ahead

There are literal and figurative highs and lows in the WAVE 2015 electric vehicle rally. Later today, the EVs that remain* will struggle up three or four mountain passes around St. Moritz, Switzerland and northern Italy. Thankfully, they will then be rewarded with lots of free regenerative braking energy on the way down.

Before all that happens, though, we wanted to check back in and show off a few more videos we shot along the way these last few days. Our full-fledged reports and nicely edited pictures are not ready yet, thanks to spotty Internet access and other factors, so for now we've got a few short videos for you above and a new official WAVE video showing the start of the King's Stage, the long-distance run from Berlin to Bern in 30 hours, available below. Hopefully, they show that it's been a tremendously interesting and educational and fun trip so far.

*Yes, some of the original 90 have dropped out, but this is still the largest EV rally in the world, as far as we know. We'll see how many make the challenging trip today.

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