"These boots are made for walkin'," Nancy Sinatra once famously sang. Now, that walking may help power a Tesla Model S electric vehicle. Ah, technology.

Pavegen Systems has tested a system in which kinetic energy from human footsteps can provide juice for a Model S, according to Teslarati. Apparently, each step over Pavegen's recycled polymer floor tiles generates seven watts of power. A few of those tiles were placed near a London street, and the resulting "several hundred-thousand" steps supplied enough power for a Tesla Model S to drive about 20 minutes through London.

Pavegen estimated that pedestrian traffic along the busier sidewalks of London's Oxford Street would generate enough power to supply the car for almost a 1,000 miles of driving. Pavegen was even kind enough to post a 52-second video of the process, which can be seen above.

Earlier this year, design firm Gensler signed on Pavegen as part of its concept to reuse abandoned London subway tunnels as pedestrian and bike paths, and keep the lights on down there by using the energy from the people walking over Pavegen tiles to power the lights.

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