Toyota exec arrested in Japan for violation of drug laws

Julie Hamp (pictured above), Toyota Motor Corporation's recently promoted global chief communications officer and top female executive, has found herself behind bars after allegedly running afoul of Japan's strict prescription drug laws. Tokyo police claim that Oxycodone was sent to her from the US and discovered by Japanese customs. Hamp was arrested at her hotel on June 18.

While it might look bad at first blush, the case currently appears to center on Hamp's misunderstanding of Japan's rules. According to Japanese police, she didn't think that there was anything wrong with importing the medication. NHK reported the package sent to her allegedly contained 57 pills, according to Automotive News.

Even with a prescription, it's illegal to bring many drugs into Japan from the US. Some over-the-counter medications here, like allergy medications, are prohibited there, as well.

Toyota is aware of Hamp's arrest, but has no other information to share. "We are confident, however, that once the investigation is complete, it will be revealed that there was no intention by Ms. Hamp to violate any law," the company said in a statement to Automotive News.

Hamp became chief communications officer for all of Toyota in April. Before her promotion, she held that title at Toyota Motor North America. In the past, she has been included on Fortune's list of the most powerful women in the auto industry.

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