We only recently saw the next-gen Audi A5 testing for the first time with its sleeker design covered in camouflage. Now, here's a well-concealed glimpse at of the higher-performance S5 for comparison against the standard coupe.

With so much swirling camouflage picking out the differences between the two models isn't easy, but there are a few tweaks to notice. The intakes on the front fascia are just a little bigger, hinting at the increase in power. The brakes also appear to be larger, especially when comparing them at the rear. Of course, the most obvious changes are the dual exhausts poking out each corner of the speculative S5.

While more power is assured for the S5 over the A5, the exact powerplant isn't officially known yet. Rumors suggest Audi using a tuned version of the supercharged 3.0-liter V6 making between 340 horsepower and 350 hp, at least for the S4. The switch to the MLB Evo platform means less weight to haul around no matter what's under the hood, though. The next-gen A4 should provide some more hints about the future of the lineup when it launches at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, and the coupes are expected to join the lineup later.

Audi S5 Information

Audi S5

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