This Tesla Model S has the most old-fashioned pedestrian warning system

People often modify their cars to reflect their personality. For some, that means a big wing, larger wheels, and sticky tires for a look that appears ready to lap the track. However, given this Tesla owner's alterations, he prefers to be quite polite when driving. As opposed to bothering people with a loud honk on the horn, this Tesla Model S emits a dainty ding to alert people of the sedan's electrified presence.

The owner wrote about the mod on Teslarati, and the system combines an antique brass bell with a modified doorbell. It all runs off a nine-volt battery and is activated by a button near on the driver's seat. Apparently, the chime works pretty well when passing cyclists or calmly getting people's attention in parking lots. Plus, it reminds us that EVs have a 100+ year history.

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Tesla Model S

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