Nissan previews Juke-R Nismo for Goodwood debut

Nissan has another trick up its sleeve. The teaser image above gives us our first peek at the Juke-R Nismo which the Japanese automaker is set to unleash at the Goodwood Festival of Speed later this month.

The Japanese automaker hasn't provided much in the way of details at this early stage, but there's plenty we can infer from the nameplate. As you may recall, the original Nissan Juke-R hit the scene several years ago, packing the powertrain from the GT-R into the compact form of the Juke. The result was a monster of a little crossover that could run to 60 in three seconds flat and put most any performance-oriented SUV to shame.

The addition of the Nismo name to the end would ostensibly suggest that Nissan is preparing an even more extreme version with all the muscle of the GT-R Nismo. That would give it 600 horsepower (instead of 545) and an even meaner disposition backed by even more extreme performance capabilities. Though the image is deliberately obscured, it clearly packs even more aggressive aero than the existing Juke-R. But Nissan isn't saying yet whether this will be a strict one-off or be offered for sale like its predecessor.

"Using the latest technology, styling and running gear from NISMO products," Nissan promises a " supercar beating crossover". We'll have to hold on to find out more, but we won't have to wait long as it'll be unveiled at the British automotive celebration on June 25.

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The original was the world's first supercar crossover.

Now, Nissan is set to unleash its latest evolution... the Nissan Juke-R NISMO.

Using the latest technology, styling and running gear from NISMO products, the supercar beating crossover will be unveiled and unleashed at Goodwood Festival of Speed (UK) on June 25th.

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