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Honda working on mid-engine sports car?

The NSX and new Civic Type R might not be the end of Honda's performance push. Patent images obtained by Autovisie in the Netherlands show the Japanese brand's possible design for another mid-engine sports car with what looks to be a removable top.

According to Autovisie, the patent was registered on May 27 and was just released. However, nothing else official is known about the vehicle at this time.

We can think of several possibilities as to what this might be. Honda is reportedly already working on the design for a future NSX convertible, although these images show significant changes to the overall shape compared to the coupe, which makes this possibility dubious. The automaker is also considering a performance model to slot below its halo car in the future, but without any scale, the size is hard to judge here. The S660 coming to North America is rumored as well, and maybe these shots are a redesign. Of course, the company's designers might just be toying around and patenting the shape for something else.

This design definitely has a familial resemblance with the NSX and S660, and it looks great. Let us know in Comments what you think the vehicle might be.

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